Lip Tattoos

attoos have always been considered to be an unusual sort of art for centuries. There have many significances of tattoos have been derived since then. There are numerous convoluted tattoo designs that are drawn to different parts of the body such as legs, stomach, arms, back, hips, neck, etc. Nowadays, it has become an acknowledged fashion to get tattoos. You can get a tattoo for any fissure of your body to be embellished. But what about the idea of having tattoos on the lips? The thought really is an electrifying one, but undoubtedly the trend of having tattoos on the lips is at peak nowadays.

The origin of lip tattoos comes from North America or rather from ancient times. The vogue was primarily done on horses for the detection of stolen horses. In North America, mostly horses are recognized by their tattoos instead of their faces or masters. The classifying lip tattoos were initially presented by the Thoroughbred Racing Protective Bureau in 1947 and were well accepted and now it has become a trend to get tattoos on the racing horse’s lips. It can help detect stolen horses. A normal tattoo all the time has five characters, either four numbers with a letter or three numbers with two letters. The first letter signifies the birth year of horses. The use of lip tattoos was later on embraced by women. Women desired to conceal the problematic part of their lips. The problem might differ, for instance, particular women get tattoos on their lips to make them look heavier whereas some get tattoos to make their lips look thinner. It was primarily done by dark colors but nowadays, various pigments are used for this purpose. You can choose them as per your choice.

Some women get really enthusiastic to get tattoos after being inspired by famous celebs like Natalie Portman, Kiera Knightley, Beyonce Knowles and much more. Tattoos are like stories for women. They tell different meanings and memorable moments of your life. These are considered to bring out the unseen personality of a person. The dreams, emotions and reactions of a person can be well-described by tattoos. Due to fall in the art category, there are various tattoo designs to be inked on the lips. Hence, lip tattoo is the unique tattoo and is certainly destined to hurt whoever goes for it. They are ornamented with stylish buttons, pins and colors. It is good to get a lip tattoo from a skilled tattoo artist who has prior practiced in lip piercing and tattooing as well.

Tattooing on the lips is absolutely an innovative art in the world of tattoos and is a trend among today’s youth. Lip tattooing requires extreme thinking and planning before one goes for it. Lip is no doubt the most sensitive part of your face and once you get any delinquent, you will have to upkeep that for a long time. Hence, it is always advised to choose lip tattooing carefully and opt for an artist more cautiously. You ought to care for it prudently as well.

Most Commonly Used Words For Lip Tattoos

420 Freak Peace
Alone Hate Please?
Animal Heaven Rage
Beer Kiss Me Rock
Bite Me Love Rock N Roll
Carnivore Love & Passion Save Us
Chaos Lovely Sit Here
Cool Never Die Sweet
Cup Cake No Warning Thrash
Float On Ouch Thug Life
Forever & Ever Pain Trill