Bottom Lip Tattoos

Bottom Lip Tattoos

Tattooing is the leading rage nowadays and especially lip tattooing is adopted by hardcore tattoo aficionados since this is the most spine-chilling act done by those who love body art. You need a lot of courage and valor to ink any part of your body especially lips, the most delicate part of your body. Lips are often regarded a symbol of carnality and sensuality. However, the placement of these tattoos is such that is apparently visible and perfect to flaunt your tattoo. Lip tattoos can be inked either on the upper lip or on the bottom one. You also have the alternative to ink both of your lips for tattoos but this article takes in the account of bottom lip tattoos.

Bottom Lip Tattoos


The origin of this tattoo comes from past eras of ancient African and Mediterranean ethos when it was initially done on horses. The bottom lips of horses were tattooed by farmers and race jockeys in order to identify their horses. It was initiated to prevent stealing of horses and the owner of the horse generally inked his own name on the bottom lip of the horses. Later on, the trend moved towards women of past times and they used it to make their lips look narrow or thickened. They used normally dark colors to satisfy this urge like black brown or navy blue etc. however later the trend got acceptance which has now become a frenzied fashion not only amongst women but also amongst men.

Latest Trend and Tattoo ideas

Unlike other tattoos, you have some classified designs for bottom lip tattoos. Lips are such subtle placements that you cannot make big tattoos on them but still you have myriads of designs that you can ink on them. Especially the ideas for bottom lip tattoo have wider range since bottom lips are usually bigger than the upper ones to ink a tattoo. You may choose some sort of standard tattoo designs such as skull tattoo, dragon tattoo, heart tattoo, polka dots design, butterfly tattoo, fish tattoo, cheetah print designs or star tattoo designs etc. Lip tattooing is also done to get a permanent lip color instead of using boring lipsticks and glosses on a regular basis. You may also ink only the lip line to add some excitement to your tattoo or you may fill you whole bottom lip with a vibrant colored pigment such as crimson, purple, bright pink, or even orange. If you are in love then you may ink your lover’s name in your tattoo. In fact, you can ink any word tattoo indeed your own name as well or some offensive words.

Once you have gone through a spine-chilling pain then the tattoo care becomes necessary. Life of a tattoo depends upon its care. The more you take care of your tattoo the more your tattoo survives. Moreover, you ought to get your tattoo to be inked by a skilled tattoo artist and ensure that he uses hygienic instruments to ink your tattoo in order to prevent any kind of contamination.

Bottom Lip Tattoos Designs

Bottom Lip Tattoo Design

Bottom Lip Tattoo

Bottom Lip Tattoos Design

Bottom Lip Tattoos Idea

Bottom Lip Tattoos

Bottom Lips Tattoo

Bottom Lips Tattoos

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Girl Bottom Lip Tattoos

Girls Bottom Lip Tattoo

Jokes Bottom Lip Tattoos

Lower Lip Tattoo

Lower Lip Tattoos

Women Lower Lip Tattoos

Womens Lower Lip Tattoos

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