Lip Tattoos Hurt

Tattoos have become a new fashion trend. People are frenzied to get their body be tattooed with diverse appealing and tempting designs. Hence after getting tattoos on their hips, chest, lower back, ankles, wrist and other such places, now the trend has moved towards the lips. Yes, lip tattoo is becoming very popular in the world of tattoos.People get different tattoo designs done on their lips to look more alluring and gain the attention of others. For this purpose, they use different sort of lip tattoo designs that contain floral designs, skull designs, especially word tattoos are the most frequently practiced tattoos for lips. Lip tattoos are particularly unusual as not enormously people choose these designs. Utmost diehard tattoo aficionados or insurgents are the one who acquires lip tattoos. But because of the sensitivity of the area, the most common fear is the agony.

Some people get tattoos to signify their personality as the tattoos are the image of inner personality of any person whereas some people get them because they want to have an electrifying and sizzling look. Whatever the purpose is, ultimately a tattoo is carved on your lip which is penetrating part of your face. A tattoo can be done either on the upper lip or on lower lips. It is often done on the inner lips as well. But wherever you get your tattoo on your lips the question is do lip tattoos hurt?

The answer varies with diverse conditions. To some people, the thought of getting a lip tattoo drives a chill through their spines; on the other hand, it is an exciting and exhilarating task. They really enjoy the pain and sting while getting a lip tattoo. Such people are true staunch tattoo fanatics. But the fact cannot be avoided that whenever the tattoo is being made the pain is always there and even it hurts till 5 to 10 minutes after getting the tattoo. But the proportion of the agony differs. The other tattoos like arm lower back or ankle or other such tattoos can be measured as least agonizing placements for tattoos, but lips are definitely not considered to be least agonizing located for tattoos. However, the intensity of pain in getting a lip tattoo can differ based on numerous aspects such as the inception of ache the person, or the skill of the tattoo artist. Some people also say that lip tattoo does not really hurt much. It only aches a little bit.

All you have to do is to realize that a programmed pointer continuously sews against your lips; hence, you have to be prepared for the sting. Moreover, you also ought to consider the lifetime of the tattoo. Unlike other tattoos, lip tattoos do not last for long. These tattoos last for about 1 to 5 years. Therefore, you should think carefully before deciding to get a lip tattoo whether you will be ready to endure this much pain for such a tattoo which does not even last long. Therefore, it is always advised to think of several times before getting a tattoo.

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