Women Red Lip Tattoos

Women Red Lip Tattoos

Tattoo enthusiasts leave no place to be tattooed whether it is their wrist or their neck; they want their bodies fully be tattooed with this amazing art. When talking about any part of the body then why should they spare their lips? Lips being the most elusive part of the body need utmost care while being tattooed. It is also a good option for working women who don’t get much time to do makeup on a regular basis so they find a solution to getting a permanent lip color by inking a tattoo. As I have mentioned before these tattoos can be done on both lips or on either of the lips. However, let’s find out where the fashion comes from.

Red Lip Tattoos


This very active fashion is derived from African culture where the race jockeys and owners of the horses used to tattoo their horses in term of identification so that the missing or stolen horses were easy to recover. Afterward, women of that era used this trend to change the look of their lips i.e. make the thin lips look thicker and the other way round using darker pigments. Gradually this act has become a fashion statement among men as well as women.

Red Lip Tattoos

There are countless tattoo designs that can be inked on the lips like a butterfly, star, skull, heart, polka dots, cheetah print etc. But if you talk about coloring your whole lips then you have to select a particular color that you want to see on your lips permanently. Some people use word tattoos and ink different offensive or romantic words on their lip tattoos. However, if you want a specific colored lip tattoo then you must think of it for at least twice since you are going to have a ‘permanent’ tattoo which will last for at least one year that means you will have to live with that color for a whole year at minimum.

I think red lip color would go the best if you’re tattooing your complete lips. Red not only looks sensational but also gives you a bold look. It allows you to get rid of daily hectic thinking of selecting a different color of your lipstick. You have to spend long spans of time thinking about what color your lips should be today? Red lip tattoos give you room to have relaxation from that hectic time.

Moreover, you may get any kind of tattoo in red color. If you want to be a bit creative then you may add some patterns to your red lip tattoos. However, when you get a tattoo, you will feel trouble in eating or drinking for some days, but it will be fine after some time. So go get the tattoo and enjoy your look!

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Best Red Lip Tattoos

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Women Lip Tattoos

Women Red Lip Tattoos

Women Red Lip Tattoo

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